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Roll N Lock vs. Folding Cover
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People often ask us why they should buy a Roll-N-Lock over a folding tonneau cover and while we may be a little biased, we think the answer can be summed up in three simple words… Quality, Security, Versatility. The company was founded on these three guiding principles and it is still the driving force behind everything we do more than 20 years later.

For the purposes of this posting we’ll focus on versatility and utility, something that runs deep within every pickup truck. After all, if consumers weren’t asking for a more functional and versatile vehicle, Henry Ford would have never slapped a cargo box on the back of his groundbreaking Model T. From surfboards to a buddy’s refrigerator, a truck owner needs to be able to haul it all. Unfortunately, with a folding cover it’s not that simple. Some folding covers will only open so far, leaving a large stack of panels to interfere with your cargo, rattle in the wind, and restrict valuable bed space. Other folding covers fold up against the back window. Sure, the bed is open, but the driver can’t see a thing through the back windshield and they’re liable to send that precious cargo bouncing down the highway. Backing up to a fifth-wheel or RV is no easy task either, especially without visibility of the bed. With Roll-N-Lock, truck owners are prepared to tackle anything. A simple rotation of the lock lever opens the cover, leaving it stowed, secure, and out of the way. No worries about loose panels, restricted bed space, or limited rear-view visibility.

The act of opening a bulky folding cover is no walk in the park and forget about folding those heavy panels on a lifted pickup truck. Perhaps it’s raining and one needs to open the truck bed in a hurry, or better yet, a truck owner has just one hand free and needs to open a folding cover in order to place an item in the bed… Good luck. But again, worry not, because Roll-N-Lock has you covered. However, rather than explain every minute detail, we would rather let this simple video do the talking. We think it speaks for itself.